Albéniz with the Alts Mendigoizaleak Hill Climbing Club

Albéniz maintains its commitment with the Alts. Mendigoizaleak Hill Climbing Club, by collaborating and promoting the environmental meet-ups, following basic principles of ethics and transparency, promoting personal integrity and respect for the environment.

Albéniz with the Adano Association

Albéniz has been collaborating with the Adano Association for many years now. This association helps children with cancer in Navarra, and out aim is to help to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.

Quesos Albéniz is collaborating with the 2018 pilgrimage to Javier

Quesos Albéniz is collaborating with the pilgrimage to the Castle of Javier, the patron saint of Navarra. This pilgrimage takes place in March, on two Saturdays in a row and, for more than 20 years now, the company has been on the Venta Judas stall, giving out food.

Alimentaria 2018 Fair

Quesos Albéniz was present at this international fair, held last April. At our live cooking demonstration, a host of visitors were able to sample a wide variety of ingeniously created tapas. Quesos Albéniz places great importance on participation in events of this type, in collaboration with our customers, as it gives us the opportunity to […]

Albéniz with C.B.A.S.K. Basketball club

On 12 May 2018, the Final Four Senior Men’s basketball match took place. Albéniz was also present at the event, offering a wide range of products directed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

V Edition Cross Country Running

On Saturday 19 May 2018, Quesos Albéniz is sponsoring the V Ziordia Cross Country Charity Run. A total of 150 children and 300 adults are set to take part in the V Edition of the Ziordia Cross Country Run, a charity and sports event sponsored by Albéniz. The purpose of this run is to collect […]

Sport as a means to teach values

Sports practice represents values that are exactly in line with the philosophy of Quesos Albéniz, such as effort, discipline, commitment, the will to succeed and teamwork. A clear example of this commitment is our sponsorship of the Albéniz Cycling Club.

Reserva cheese aged for 12 months

All the care that goes into the cheese-making process is combined with traditional ripening, to give a new product: RESERVA 12 MESES, noted for its authentic aroma and flavour. The 12 months spent in our ripening chambers gives this cheese a characteristic aroma and flavour, just right for those consumers seeking a cheese with exceptional […]

Traditionally made cheese

Based on a traditional cheese-making process with a unique flavour and texture, a new product has been launched on the market: QUESO ELABORACIÓN TRADICIONAL (traditionally made cheese) designed and created for customers who are concerned about what they eat and are seeking a natural product, with flavour, format, and with no additives in the rind.