Gold Medal at the World Cheeses Awards

Quesos La Vasco Navarra, is very delighted to inform that our sheep´s milk cheese elaborated from Termized milk has been awared with a Gold Medal in the last edition of the World Cheeses Awards. We are proud to receive this award from the Jury, recognizing the great and careful dedication of our master cheese to the elaboration of this cheese.

Elaborated with selected milk and being analyzed every single batch of milk received for its elaboration, this cheese is later carefully ripened during 3-4 months. After this period, we obtain a product with proper tasting and organoleptic notes. With a firm and unctuous texture, this cheese offers a nice taste of nuts and is lightly buttery with a characteristic sheep note. With a nice smell intense and recognizable in the mouth, this cheese is a delicious for the most sophisticated palates.

As a sheep cheese provides a large amount of minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus, helping to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, anemia and decalcification. It contains many B Vitamins, essential for a good metabolism.