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Cheese portions “to taste”

Quesos Albéniz has launched a new range of 4 references of natural cheese in portions, with a format that offers the opportunity to taste the cheese in different formats: cubed, grated, etc.

Ideal for enhancing the best recipes and for eating it freshly cut.

Traditionally made cheese

Based on a traditional cheese-making process with a unique flavour and texture, a new product has been launched on the market: QUESO ELABORACIÓN TRADICIONAL (traditionally made cheese) designed and created for customers who are concerned about what they eat and are seeking a natural product, with flavour, format, and with no additives in the rind.

Reserva cheese aged for 12 months

All the care that goes into the cheese-making process is combined with traditional ripening, to give a new product: RESERVA 12 MESES, noted for its authentic aroma and flavour. The 12 months spent in our ripening chambers gives this cheese a characteristic aroma and flavour, just right for those consumers seeking a cheese with exceptional qualities.