Reserva cheese

The care in the treatment and in the elaboration is combined with a traditional curing process, giving rise to a new characteristic product, RESERVA for its genuine aroma and flavour. Its maturation in our chambers for several months, achieves the characteristic smell and flavour suitable for those consumers who are looking for exceptional qualities.

Traditionally made cheese

Based on a traditional cheese-making process with a unique flavour and texture, a new product has been launched on the market: QUESO ELABORACIÓN TRADICIONAL (traditionally made cheese) designed and created for customers who are concerned about what they eat and are seeking a natural product, with flavour, format, and with no additives in the rind.

Cheese portions “to taste”

Quesos Albéniz has launched a new range of 4 references of natural cheese in portions, with a format that offers the opportunity to taste the cheese in different formats: cubed, grated, etc. Ideal for enhancing the best recipes and for eating it freshly cut.